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 Hungarian Fett MOC

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Hungarian Fett MOC Empty
PostSubject: Hungarian Fett MOC   Hungarian Fett MOC I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 5:09 pm

Hey guys, a Hungarian Fett MOC came on auction recently - others can chime in better on the figure, which looks like it might be authentic. But the cardback is fake, wrong font at the top, spacing is off, and the image on the card is way too crisp (usually looks a bit faded). All the other card backs in the background appear to be the same. I asked the seller if he had any others for sale, and for pics. He didn't send me additional pics, but said he has around 20 more figures and might be putting them on auction as well, but is open to offers outside of Ebay as well.

Maybe some of the experts here can chime in as well.

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Hungarian Fett MOC

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